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Based in Rochester, MN

Bite Me Baked Goods

Cakepops, pure delight in every bite! Order online or get in touch for custom orders. Baked by Victoria, home baker.

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My Story

Hello! Welcome to Bite Me Baked Goods, created and owned by me - Victoria Cliby. I was born and raised in a suburb outside of Chicago and for the past 25 years, I have lived in Rochester. Over the years, Minnesota has become home, and I want to bring some of my home to you.  I love baking for my family and friends - treats are my love language. I’ve baked for every imaginable event - birthdays, first days of school, New Years, my dog Max’s birthday, you name it!  About 7 years ago, I made my first cake pop and they’re now my favorite baked good to make. To me, they are the perfect treat; just the right size, individually wrapped, and so much sweetness in each bite. The great trifecta of cake, frosting and chocolate. After discovering how delicious the chocolate was, I began experimenting with other flavors! Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint…and many more to come, all equally yummy.   With the encouragement of friends and family, I started Bite Me Baked Goods. We all agree that cake pops make people happy, and everyone deserves more happiness in their day! So share some pops and share the happiness!

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